The Art of the Happy Accident

Some of us are always on the lookout for the unexpected. As an amateur photographer, in the time before iPhones, I developed the habit of carrying around my camera, and with it a certain level of alertness to something noteworthy that might turn up in the landscape, cityscape, or right in front of my nose

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Season of the Moth

One of my opening gestures to the man who would eventually become my husband was to send him a copy of Robert Frost’s “Birches,” a poem which is especially dear to me.  This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary, and that poem remains a tender reminder of how our love began and how it

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Small Beauties, Big Lessons

One of the things that I love most about wildlife tracking is that it demands a focus on small things, tiny details, signs of life’s everyday activities for animals that live in the wilderness or even in our midst in less wild places. Learning to accurately read these signs or just moving through the world

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Spinning Chaos Into Art

I began writing my first full-length book in the early days of 2011, not knowing how I would tell the story I’d been asked to tell or even what the details of the whole story were. I just knew I needed to explore the pieces that a relatively new friend had shared with me and

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Discoveries of Innocence in my iPad

When I found some photos in my iPad that had been taken by my now-teenaged grandkids when they were little, I realized their psychedelic selfies represented not just funny and endearing memories but whimsical spontaneous art pieces. Their unsupervised play with digital forms of self-image left behind a record of artful innocence, a touchstone for us, as the challenges of life move us forward in uncertain times.

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